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‘Death and Rebirth’

Oil on Canvas

18” x 24”

Shipped Framed

This oil painting was my return to Oil Paints in a very long while. There is a very distinct difference when switching from acrylic to oil paint, but little surprises lay in the work.

This painting depicts a Raven atop a decaying stump of a tree along with dragonflies surrounding it all. Transformational smoke circles throughout the painting as well.

Death and Rebirth was a strong message coming through to me, in my world at this time.. and I just wanted to represent this through natures wondrous ways.

So much life comes from a dying tree, the colors all the mycelium and lichens make are fabulous, but also considering what life that brings to other organisms.

Ravens represent death and rebirth within our lives and dragonflies also representing great change.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this painting or any other works in my shop!

🖤Thank you for your interest 🖤

Death and Rebirth

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