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Introduction ~ Art * Wellness * Witchery

Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for joining me in this cozy space where I plan to share some snippets of my past, focus on my present, and occasional wishes for the future. My hope in writing these posts is to open up about my life experience thus far, continue exploring my art and spiritual journey while sharing with you along the way. Today is just an introduction, little bits about me so you know who is behind all this chatter.


My name is Katie, I am a painter of woodland creatures and whimsical wonder. Peculiar wildlife pique my interest and inspire me to focus on all the marvelous nature that surrounds us. Birds, mammals, insects, mushrooms, and herbs that are in and around the natural world where we reside are what I care to honor on a canvas at this time. I feel we humans continue to take so much from the natural world, and although there seems to be no end to the damage we inflict, this is my little tiny form of honoring wildlife's greatness to the planet.

My husband, myself, and our kitty Rue set out about a year and a half ago now for a big change of pace. We decided to leave the east coast and planned for an excursion to the Pacific North West... but sometimes, even big plans change. While stopping to visit family in Missouri, (middle earth as we nicknamed it) we learned about a little city near by that we truly knew nothing about. Long, long story short.. we planted roots here instead of making our trek all the way west. We reassessed what was important to us in a place of living. Affordability, family, private woodland living, and garden space. This is a part of the country that could provide that for us and we could manage comfortably. So we are beyond grateful to be able to enjoy this slower paced existence surrounded by nature and feel each day is a gift.

With our big move I also had planned for big shifts in career. I've been longing to be a full time artist for many many years now. It certainly takes a long time to grow as a painter, as a business, and working part time also helps support the growth of this journey. I am in the early stages of entering the art world, and excited to share it here with you.


A big realization came to me years ago after experiencing the start of

mysterious health symptoms, I needed to slow down. This was around my eleventh year of working as a hairstylist and a laundry list of awful symptoms began to impact me greatly, but I'll save all that for a different day. I am still on a journey to keep my symptoms in check and inflammation down. I've been really wanting to share my experience with as many people as I can because I honestly can't even tell you the number of people (between behind the chair as a hairstylist or otherwise) I have met also struggling with auto immune symptoms and disease. It blows my mind. I certainly did not start this blogging project to create a stir or create negative talk, not what this is about in the least. I simply feel there is an opportunity to possibly help at least one other person feel not so alone in dealing with autoimmune illness or disease.

Currently, I am regulating my symptoms and healing my body through acupuncture, taking prescribed herbs, an anti-inflammatory diet that's right for me, as well as healing past traumas. I am feeling the best I have felt in over six years, yet it is still an uphill climb. This is what works for me, and I strongly feel we all need to find out what works for each and everyone of us. Not all days are peach fuzz, but feeling better means I can make art on good days and have energy again to do the things I love.


Herbalism along with spirituality slowly resurfaced in my life a number of years back. This surprised me and I was very slow to share this with friends and family due to my already private ways, I didn't want to handle any possible questions, misunderstandings, and so forth. Then reaching a point where you realize... this is who I am, this is why I was drawn to witchcraft as a child before judgment from others played such a serious role, this is a part of me.

I am now and always will be a student of herbalism and green witchery. It is a lifelong practice that fascinates me. I knew this would play a huge role in my healing. Let me be clear for just a second.. many herbalists do not consider themselves witches or vice versa.. these two are separate for many, but for me personally, they are so deeply intertwined. I truly look forward to sharing more about what this looks like for me because it's almost like a thumb print.. everyones way of practice is completely their own. My practice and communication with spirit will always be ensconced with the greater good of earth and humankind. More on this during the Witchery posts! ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending time here, I am thrilled to be learning and sharing different life experiences as they flow through. Join me next time with a warm beverage for Art Speak!

Wishing you a magical week ahead!


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~ Katie March Art

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