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I aspire to honor Spirit Animals, Earth's whimsical wonders, and all of Nature's beautiful creations through my paintings. Making art for my fellow nature lovers, majestic beings, and earth appreciators brings pure joy to my heart. Painting woodland creatures within a lush, and sometimes subdued landscape brings the outside world into my studio. Otherworldly inspiration finds itself woven into my paintings as well as my love of medicinal healing herbs. My hope throughout the painting process is to remind viewers to honor nature's energy and beauty.   


Born and raised in the rolling hills of New Jersey, nature was a teacher of mine in a big way growing up. Crafting with my hands began in my early years and slowly molded the maker within.


I am a multi-dimensional and predominantly self-taught artist. Current mediums I favor are acrylic and oil paint. Occasionally I love working with gouache, graphite, charcoal, or drawing with pen and ink when the mood strikes. Sculpting is a true love of mine as well. Mediums I have recently worked with are branches & vines in exploring abstract outdoor structures.


In a small effort to combat the climate crisis we are currently facing, I began making hand carved stamps, and hand printing on reusable grocery bags. The carving process is comparable to linoleum print making. My mission in creating these stamped bags is to lessen the use of plastic bags in my community and beyond.  




                                              Artist Bio

Creating has always been a part of Katie's world. Artistry has had a stronger presence in the Artist's growth in recent years. Painting, drawing, and sculpting are some of Katie's favored mediums. Observation and learning about different ecosystems are a passion of the artist alongside creating. It is when she is in a natural landscape or in the studio creating, is when she feels fully in the present.  Part of the Artist's mission through her artwork is to honor our neighboring species. Hoping to highlight to viewers what amazing flora, fauna, and fungi, are heavily threatened at this time. The Artist is fascinated and in awe of nature's energy and is woven throughout her paintings. 

Katie is predominantly self-taught. Education in Fine Arts at community colleges in both New Jersey and North Carolina have strengthened her skills. 

She now resides in Missouri as an emerging artist in a new state and community.


Painting Death and Rebirth
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