About the Artist



Creating has always been apart of Katie's world. Artistry has had a stronger presence in the artists growth in recent years. Painting, drawing, and sculpting are some of Katie's favored mediums. Observing and learning about different ecosystems is a passion of the artist alongside creating. It is when she is in a natural landscape or in the studio creating, is when she feels fully in the present. Inspiration stems from the natural world as well as studies in the occult. Part of the Artist's mission through her artwork is to honor our neighboring species. Hoping to show viewers what amazing flora, fauna, and fungi, are heavily threatened at this time. Intrigued and empowered by the energy nature holds, exploration of green witchery, is a common thread woven throughout the Artist's paintings. 

Katie is predominantly self taught. Education in Fine Arts at community colleges in both New Jersey and North Carolina have strengthened her skills. 

Katie credits the incredibly talented art instructors she had in high school with teaching her solid basic fundamentals as well as advanced level techniques beyond most high school art education. She now resides in Missouri as an emerging artist in a brand new state and community.  



                                       Artist Statement

Honoring nature through my paintings is the theme of the current collection. My hope is to guide or inspire others to honor its energy and beauty. Awareness about climate and the earth in crisis is imperative now more than ever. When learning more about threatened species, whether it be fauna or flora, I want to paint that specific species in a lovely environment. Shine a light on it’s being to show how it could be thriving if not for human impact. I am passionate about bringing attention to this through my artwork. 


I am a multi-dimensional and predominantly self taught artist. Current mediums I favor are acrylic and oil paints. Occasionally I work with gouache, mostly for studies or when a certain effect gouache can best capture is desired. When sculpting, materials most used would be branches & vines, wire, single-use and non-recyclable plastics to create alien or otherworldly environments. Recently I began making hand carved stamps, and hand printing on reusable grocery bags and cotton scarves. The carving process is comparable to linoleum print making and creating reusable bags to lessen the use of plastics in my community is important to me.  


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