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Creating has always been apart of Katie's world. Artistry has had a stronger presence in the artists growth in recent years. Painting, drawing, and sculpting are some of Katie's cherished mediums. Observing and learning about different ecosystems is a passion of the artist alongside creating. It is when she is in a natural landscape or in her studio creating one on a canvas, is when she feels fully in the present and amity. 

Inspiration stems from the natural world as well as esoteric studies. Katie's mission is to provide a reminder, through her artwork, to honor our neighboring species and do everything we can to reverse human impact on this beautiful planet. She desires for people to have a deeper understanding about what amazing flora, fauna, and fungi, are heavily threatened at this time. 

Katie is predominantly self taught. Education in Fine Arts at community colleges in both New Jersey and North Carolina have strengthened her skills. 

Katie credits the incredibly talented art instructors she had in high school with teaching her solid basic fundamentals as well as advanced level techniques beyond most high school art education. 


Fourteen years in the hair industry has been an incredible career for Katie.  To create feelings of comfortability and trust in her knowledge of haircare for her clients, has been a honor. Leaving that industry behind, Katie is transitioning into a full-time career in fine and visual arts. 


While living in North Carolina, Katie was a member and held the Exhibitions Chair position for The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators-Carolinas Chapter. The GNSI-C engages in monthly sketches, variety of classes, and possible opportunities to work along side the scientific community.


Katie now resides in Missouri, exploring nature and being an artist in a brand new state and community.